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Our Credo


Vee Jay Home believes in the upliftment of society and the weaker section in particular. Keeping this in mind, we identify talent in the underprivileged women and train them for the artisanal work.


Our constant training and support helps these raw talents turn into skilled artisans who produce extraordinary handicrafts to be reached globally.  Every Vee Jay Home product that you purchase help these women, from the lower strata of the society, Support their families and provide better education and nutrition to their children.


We are responsible towards our employees and artisans who work with us. We believe in providing an inclusive work environment and each person is considered as an individual. We respect their diversity and dignity and recognize their efforts towards the upliftment of the company. We make sure that they have a sense of security, fulfillment and purpose in their jobs. We strictly provide them with clean, orderly and safe working conditions.


We strive to support the health and well-being of our employees and help them fulfill their family and other personal responsibilities. Employees are encouraged to make suggestions and also raise complaints when necessary. We provide equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for the deserving.

We respect all religions and celebrate all the festivals with equal enthusiasm.

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